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This is the first post on my ‘The China Experience’ series..

The year 2011 felt like a roller coaster ride for me. I started the year in a job I hated and wasn’t in the least bit good at. April came, my resignation letter with it. I didn’t have a plan B so when China came knocking, I did not think twice. I hadn’t planned on a master’s but then again I had no plan so I thought , why the heck not. New country, new people, new culture, new friends I couldn’t resist discovering a new-ish me. These are a few of my firsts…

Playing the ukulele: Kind of happened out of sheer necessity.. I was going through a really dark time, I needed to get my mind off it because I literally thought I was losing my mind. So my friend Danielle, God bless her, suggested playing an instrument and as soon as I started expressing interest, my other friends give me an ukulele as a birthday gift! One month in and I’m playing actual songs, even played it during worship for some time at church. So in many ways, it saved me.

selfie time

Playing the ukulele

First solo performance, just some random school contest thingy;didn't win but I looked smashing!!

First solo performance, just some random school contest thingy;didn’t win but I looked smashing!!

Spoken word and poetry: First time I tried my hand in poetry was when I had just finished elementary school, waiting to join highschool. I had two months of holiday, we had just moved to a new house, I was bored out of my mind so I decided to try poetry and it sucked so I decided that i’d quit while I was ahead and appreciate poetry as a spectator. Then China happens, then a girl happened, then one day am writing a piece for a duet of a song she had written and asked I write something to go with it! Of course I was beside myself.

Singing: Ok so some time back before China, rumor had it that I have a nice singing voice, I just never made much of it. I mean you hear people with amazing voices and decide that maybe yours should remain in the shower. But, shock on me I have done a bit of singing while in China at my church and people actually think I have a pretty good voice. I joined the worship team after my super-talented friend, asked me to join with her. We were inseparable then. We did a few duets together, she has one of the most powerful, versatile voices I have ever had the honor of listening to and the fact that she even asked me to put my voice next to hers was unbelievable. Our voices went really well together and we would switch it up too so yeah I guess in the process, I gained more confidence in my own sound. I was even the lead singer in a band; ‘Andy and the string theory’. We had, Andy on the bongo drums, Danielle on violin, Lindsay on guitar and vocals and me on ukulele and lead vocals. We only performed just the one song in just the one concert and it wasn’t as good but still it was pretty cool! Definitely a first for me.

photography for jonny

‘Weeding’: Maybe I shouldn’t expound on this because big brother may be watching (reading). I’ll summarize; I did it, it was ahmazzing, I loved it in every form; baked, brewed, rolled, chocolat-ed,shisha-d.

Locked my hair: This was definitely the highlight. I had always wanted locks since I discovered the pain of hot-combing and blow drying at full power and braiding and general combing of my very kinky (4C is it?) hair was just no longer worth it. I had short hair from age 12 to age 18 then twists (own hair) all through college. My hair and I always knew one day we would have locks. Opportunity knocked with the admission letter to a university in China. I would be out of my father’s house (strictly no locks in my house) for three years! In a country where I knew no one and no one knew me, they had nothing to compare me too, what they saw was what they got and I got to dictate exactly what that was. So  the day after I undid my braids (4 months old; there were really not so many options for African hair in China and I did not want to go through the struggle again not when for the first time in my life I was really free to do anything. Pretty ironic considering I was in a communist country where most freedoms are only given as the government sees fit and even then, just in manageable pieces ).

It has been 4 and a half years since and I could not be more proud. I look at myself in the mirror and smile every time, even on bad hair days. I finally found my look and I’m keeping it. Photoshoot1


Show of hands…

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show of hands

Who thought I wouldn’t graduate? Show of hands..*hand shoots up*: yup I definitely did not. Why? you ask? well picture me two weeks before my thesis defence staring blankly at the blank page that is supposed to be my 50+ pages of my dissertation. Yup I am sad to say that of all the things that have changed within and without me in my two years plus in China, my knack for procrastination isn’t one of them. So here I am two weeks out, the deadline feeling more and more like a noose round my neck tied to a mile stone with me standing on the edge of a cliff overlooking a waterfall with razor sharp rocks and wild piranha waiting patiently below and maybe you would have your hand up too.

But thanks be to the Almighty who looked upon this sorry soul with such grace and got everything that i had written in my mind on paper and my oh my was it good!I didn’t have a solid theory and my method of analysis was shaky at best but in two weeks everything just came together like puzzle pieces fitting perfectly. He made all things beautiful man..I found a perfect theory and practically stumbled into a method of analysis thanks to my dear friend and life saver, Jane who sat up with me till 2am more than once to help me get it done.  Two solid weeks of sleepless nights and thesis-haunted nightmares. I kid you not, on several occassions coz i work best at night, i would be up till 5am working on this thing then fall asleep and wake up at like 8am and just could not bring myself to sleep. It was all I thought of and dreamt off. I was like a zombie, like I was watching someone else’s life getting screwed up. I was always tired, always sleepy,irritable as heck, i had this horror-like quiet aura around me like a shadow that my roomie kinda just gave me my space for two weeks. haha! It was freaky even for me but I did it and it got done.

And so once again i told myself I will never procrastinate this way again, next time I do everything way before time. Show of hands who believes me…*pin drop silence with frog croak and cricket chirp*..haha, thought so…