The ‘Smile Monster’:That Smile Tho’

Posted: June 26, 2016 in Uncategorized
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I met a guy a while back…

PhotoGrid_1420705305879He boarded the matatu I was on, sat right next to me on the back seat. He was simple and very stylish; nice checked shirt, matching khaki pants, matching belt and shoes. Clean shaven yet still a little rugged. He wore a chain around his neck with a shell and bead pendant and as he bowed to get into the car and make his way to the back seat it dangled seductively. He had a backpack, black i think.  He sat in the middle, between me and other-random-guy.

Thing is from the moment he stepped into the matatu and our eyes met, he had this huge smile that just lit up the whole van or maybe it was just my whole heart…hihi. He sort of radiated a kind of goodness, like those rays of sunshine in the sunlight washing powder ad that make everyone ‘see colours’. My lips strained to maintain some kind of sexy aloofness but I couldn’t help it, within seconds I felt this goofy grin start to form and I quickly looked out the window and giggled on the inside like a little school girl. That was the extent of our conversation the whole trip. Not one word, just a symphony of no-eye-contact silly smiles. I was bubbling up inside and from the corner of my eye as I was too shy to look his way with the now Grinch-grin plastered on my face, he looked like he was about to burst. Neither of us spoke to the other though in my mind I was having a whole conversation with him about how maybe I knew him from somewhere or how maybe was he an artist. When he glanced down at my bracelets I knew he was having the same conversation in his mind.

The three minute ride came to an end; it was time to alight at the last stage of the route.He glanced at me though only for a split second. I think he wanted to be a gentle man but it wasn’t going to work since he was in the middle so he would have to get off first.Silly boy. He patiently waited for everyone ahead to get off then got up to make his way out. He was scrawny and had this gentleness about him even in the way he maneuvered through the seats to the door. I must qualify here that scrawny, artistic gentlemen give me the chills. The good kind.

And then came the awkwardness. He was walking slower than I think is his usual while I was still deciding whether to take a brisk walk seeing I was late for work or a slow stride enough to catch up to him yet not get too close to seem too obvious. Oh to be 28 and still shy around cute guys. Sigh.
We now walked at the same pace about 6 feet parallel to each other still  smiling like idiots.After a quick debate with myself over what a bad idea speaking could be given past experience, I mastered up the courage and decided to say something.

Of all the 20-something sexy ways to say ‘hallo’ that I had read on in some magazine or rather just the other day, all that came out was a whispered ‘hi’ muffled in a giggle and an immediate shy look-away.Silly girl. Then the craziest thing happened; he did the exact same thing!!

I think he needed to cross the road so he slowed down while I kept going debating whether I should do the sexy look-back or just keep going because I would most likely ruin that too by tripping over my own feet. I even tried to change my walk a little, you know, to make sure my ‘endowments’ were swaying seductively but all I ended up doing was a confused ‘does the right foot go first or the left one’ walk.Those who have been there know exactly how that looks. For those who haven’t; just imagine a duck and a chicken in a three-legged race. Yup, that bad.

I walked on to the lady who sells smokies and eggs at the intersection and stopped for my usual biting. I was grateful for my routine today because it would give me the chance to take one last look at the ‘smile-monster’(that’s what I call him now) without being too obvious. So I stopped and turned only to see he was actually heading to the intersection to cross over. We exchanged smiles again and wasted the next few seconds both wondering if we should wave to each other and he was gone. Across the zebra crossing, past the boda-bodas parked on the side of the road and into whichever lucky place. I watched him walk away still with a grin on my face and that is how my face has been till now.

I prayed for him as I walked to my office. I thanked God profusely for bringing him into my life for those few moments. I had had a sort of nightmare-filled night, one of the few times a dream would get interrupted by a visit to the loo and still continue from the last point ‘watched/dreamt’ like a flipping movie. I dreamt Kenya had been taken over by a dictator who was a cross between Mugabe, Idi Amin and Gaddaffi and that I was part of the rebellion yet my own father had sold out to him and had received a high-ranking government post and was about to sell me out because to him I was an immeasurable disappointment and had tainted his image for the last time. I had woken up grumpy and scared so I was badly in need of a pick me up and there he was; the smile monster.

I prayed for success in all he did today and for the rest of his life. He could be anything, a painter, a poet, a writer, a musician or maybe a business man, an entrepreneur,a builder (well maybe not that,haha); whatever he was, I prayed for 100 fold increase. I also prayed he wasn’t a stalker (just to cover all my bases) and that he was as decent a man as he looked.

Finally I prayed that if he did’t know God then that God would make himself known to him because if he can light up my world in just three minutes with just a smile, imagine what he can do to the world with the love of God.

  1. purity says:

    lovely read.


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