Liar Liar

Posted: June 23, 2016 in Uncategorized
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Tell me what I want to hear. Lie to my face, twist the truth into so many knots I could never hope to untangle. Keep the pain and the truth; I do not want it. Let’s pretend for a few hours, maybe days. Let me lick the sweet deception off of you. Let me swallow the lies. Pull both my legs. Let me spend the night in a cloud, a bubble, a world of our own. Half-truths, white lies, twisted logic,shove ‘em all sweetly down my throat, one after another and let the syrup drip down my lips. Hypnotize me with your B.S, don’t hold back. Don that mask, let’s have a ball, a masquerade of sorts. No, don’t you dare bring down the facade, you beautiful two-faced monster. I don’t want the real you. Don’t shower me with your real emotions, your true feelings, don’t show me your heart. Fool me once, twice, a hundred times over. Be the snake you were always meant to be. Smile Mr. Fox, show me your fangs Mr. Snake. Plunge the knife deeper, I could turn around, draw a target on my back, make it easier for you. I’m at your mercies trickster. Let me turn the other cheek, once, twice over. Break me. Let me feed your ego, fuel it with my humiliation at your hand, make it grow, make it soar. Screw me over. Let me be the butt of all your jokes. Poke, prod. Here’s a hammer, and a few nails, have at it. Take all the time you want, until what is left of me are only shreds of what I used to be.

*Sometimes we find ourselves unwittingly addicted to certain kinds of pain. *Sometimes, we unknowingly let people, situations walk all over us because we feel we do not deserve better.

‘I’m not worth loving’

‘I’m not good enough’

‘He/She is too good for me’

‘Where else would I go’

‘Who else would love me’

‘He/she hurts me but I need him/her’

‘It could be worse’

‘If I leave this job, then what?’

*I know we were created for more; to multiply, replenish, restore, have dominion over the earth put in our care, over my little sphere of influence yet sometimes all I seem to be able to do is wallow in self-pity, doubt, fear and hurt.

*Sometimes all I want to do is curl up in my bed, hug my pillow and just hide out for a bit.

*But how can you conquer if you don’t fight?*


  1. Awuor says:

    beautifully written


  2. purity says:

    Sometimes, all we want to hear is the little lies. beautifully written


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