Show of hands…

Posted: June 13, 2014 in Uncategorized
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show of hands

Who thought I wouldn’t graduate? Show of hands..*hand shoots up*: yup I definitely did not. Why? you ask? well picture me two weeks before my thesis defence staring blankly at the blank page that is supposed to be my 50+ pages of my dissertation. Yup I am sad to say that of all the things that have changed within and without me in my two years plus in China, my knack for procrastination isn’t one of them. So here I am two weeks out, the deadline feeling more and more like a noose round my neck tied to a mile stone with me standing on the edge of a cliff overlooking a waterfall with razor sharp rocks and wild piranha waiting patiently below and maybe you would have your hand up too.

But thanks be to the Almighty who looked upon this sorry soul with such grace and got everything that i had written in my mind on paper and my oh my was it good!I didn’t have a solid theory and my method of analysis was shaky at best but in two weeks everything just came together like puzzle pieces fitting perfectly. He made all things beautiful man..I found a perfect theory and practically stumbled into a method of analysis thanks to my dear friend and life saver, Jane who sat up with me till 2am more than once to help me get it done.  Two solid weeks of sleepless nights and thesis-haunted nightmares. I kid you not, on several occassions coz i work best at night, i would be up till 5am working on this thing then fall asleep and wake up at like 8am and just could not bring myself to sleep. It was all I thought of and dreamt off. I was like a zombie, like I was watching someone else’s life getting screwed up. I was always tired, always sleepy,irritable as heck, i had this horror-like quiet aura around me like a shadow that my roomie kinda just gave me my space for two weeks. haha! It was freaky even for me but I did it and it got done.

And so once again i told myself I will never procrastinate this way again, next time I do everything way before time. Show of hands who believes me…*pin drop silence with frog croak and cricket chirp*..haha, thought so…

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